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Great Days Golf brings together the diverse expertise and drive of three golf enthusiasts, who have come together to blend their professional and business experiences to provide high quality golf services for clubs, societies and the roaming golfer.

The extensive events, media and professional sporting experience offered by Director Sean Holley opens the doors for clients to a multidisciplinary and celebrity network that brings more than just golf. The business acumen acquired by fellow Director Simon Pridham in his working relationships with National Government, education partners, learning technology and multi national companies such as Google and Microsoft offers a level of knowledge in this ever changing technological world that is second to none.

Director Richie Clayton, whose original brainchild was the Generation Golfer business, now brings his golfing brand partners, player and club liaison network to the new and exciting re-branded business that is Great Days Golf.

Our mission is to offer bespoke and unique events, to promote the best golfing offers around the UK’s clubs and resorts and to provide memorable golfing experiences for all throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide.


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